Two Nigerian startups won the final awards at LEAP2023

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  • February 10, 2023
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From the team led by @ProfIsaPantami to Riyadh sponsored by Digital Cooperation Organisation 2 Nigerian startups won the final awards at #LEAP2023. In 6 categories, we won 2 out of the 6 globally & came 2nd in another category. Each winner has $150,000. LEAP is a global annual ICT event.
These are the winners…
1. *The Into the World Award Winner (Prize – USD150,000)*
*Wicrypt* – An innovative each startup decentralising internet availability globally. The startup has a custom OS and hardware that allows users to share data with people around them and charge affordable rate. Thereby providing internet access to unserved and underserved communities.
*2. The Tech for Humanity Award Winner (Prize – USD150,000)*
*RiceAfrika Technologies* – Is a tech driven agric optimisation startup that deploys IoT enabled harvester and it’s FARMEasy mobile app for smallholder farming communities in Africa. RiceAfrika is believes Africa can feed itself and also feed the world.
Congratulations to Nigeria and to Digital Cooperation Organisation for sponsoring the startups.

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