Supervision of Post Graduate Students’ Theses

Supervised over 90 undergraduate and postgraduate Students (BSc and MSc) where some graduated with First Class degrees.

Post-Graduate MSc/MIT/MBA Students supervised to completion:

  1. Festus-Amaka Eugenia Ngozi (2022) -Topic: Development of a Device-Level Protocol for Two-Factor Authentication System.
  2. XXX XXXX (2022) – Topic: A Cognitive Model for Analysing and Predicting Phishing Attacks to Enhance Cybercrime Regulations in Nigeria
  3. Mohammed Abubakar (PGS/2012-2013/50201481) – Topic: E-commerce Adoption in Nigerian Business.
  4. Saidu S. Samson (PGS/2012-2013/50201442) – Topic: An Appraisal of the Problems and Prospect of Small-Scale Business.
  5. Ogala Ikani Ogala (PGS/2012-2013/50201411) – Topic: Impact of Merger and Acquisition in Nigerian Banking Industry.
  6. Mohammed Bello Mohammed (PGS/2012-2013/50201373) – Topic: The Effect of ICT on the Productivity of Work Force.
  7. Mu’azu Abubakar Babangida (PGS/2012-2013/50201478) – Topic: The Role of Financial Institutions in the Growth & Development of Small-Scale Enterprises in Nigeria.
  8. Umar Alhaji Khalil (PGS/2012-2013/50201429) – Topic: Administration of Value added tax in Nigeria: Problem and Prospect.
  9. Umar Mohammad (PGS/2012-2013/50201437) – Topic: Impact of Sales Promotion in Marketing of consumer goods (A case study of Unilever Nigeria PLC Jos).
  10. Stepmen A. Akor (PGS/2012-2013/50201439) – Topic: Effective Small and Medium Scale Industry in Nigeria.